AMEC Brand arrvies at GB Power

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:27 May 2019 

GB is pleased to announce a distribution agreement for the AMEC branded chain, sprockets and other associated Industrial Power Transmission Products.  This exciting new brand will replace the existing GB self branded product in a highly competitive, quality finished product.  Improvements to chain quality, lubrication and packaging have been delivered in the new standard roller chain products brand.  The range will include but is not limited to American and European standard and heavy duty roller chain.  American Standard Double pitch chain and attachments, leaf chain, Pintle chain, cast chain, detachable chain and other Agricultural chains.  The new agreement also gives GB access to AMEC’s large conveyor chain factory which produces conveyor chain for many of the industry’s leading brands.  GB will now import our solid pin British Standard Conveyor chain from AMEC Custom machined parts are also available and can be produced from customer drawing product samples or detailed product description.  All manufacturing is governed by QA processes that are accredited to ISO 9001 standards.  Chains can be supplied with test certificates including material and heat treatment.  

Sprockets are also improved with complete in house manufacturing capabilities including forging, machining and heat treatment.  By controlling all processes in house the AMEC finished product is a better quality that remains consistent for the future.  GB looks forward to the alliance with AMEC and the expansion of our stock and special imported range of quality Power Transmission products under the AMEC Brand.


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