GB Branded Chain, Sprockets, Couplings & Pulleys

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:11 March 2019 

The GB range of Chains, Sprockets, Couplings and Pulleys has evolved from 20 years expertise in the importation and sale of the products locally in the Australia. The GB range is proudly imported from China from a group of individually selected manufactures producing a quality of product that exceeds local expectation and standards. China, like other nations have before them, is fast developing into a quality manufacture of products for the industrial power transmission industry. Amongst the many manufactures are a small group that continues to strive to better the finished product and reach their goal of equaling the quality and reputation of today’s market leaders.

The best of these products will carry the GB brand and are backed by the local importers vast product experience and expertise. The GB product will be supported by detailed technical and promotional material and like the other leading brands will be warranted to be free from faulty workmanship and materials for a 12 month period. Products now carrying the GB brand are procured from factories using modern, state of the art machines and manufacturing processes. They have all been visited by GB Power and will continue to be on an ongoing basis to ensure their level of quality continues to grow over time. All have quality systems in place and all conform to the standards required by international markets

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