FB Chain Gauge now in Stainless Steel

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:28 May 2019 

GB is excited to announce that the new Stainless Steel version of the FB chain gauge is now available from stock.     We continue to stock the standard gauge but for customers looking for a more durable option of the best Chain Wear Gauge in the market it’s now in stock in stainless.  Constructed from premium quality stainless steel the gauge will be better suited to mobile mechanics taking the tool on site for inspections in all environments. You are still getting the world’s best tool that provides chain elongation in recordable 0.25% increments in all roller and leaf chain from ¼ inch (6.35mm) to 3 inch (76.20mm).  Be re-assured that your machine or the machines you are servicing are operating with chains that are not stretched and worn which can cause chain failure in operation.  See our web site for the latest video on how to use the FB chain gauge


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