Senqcia SBR Prime Roller Chain

On January the 1st 2016 the Hitachi Brand name change to Senqcia after the Hitachi group sold the Metals Techno businesses to a large investment company.  The shipment that has just arrived in the first of the newly branded product with large replenishment stocks arriving to ensure ongoing supply.  SENQCIA will be the new name of for Hitachi roller chain from 2016 and GB Power Transmission will be still be the exclusive importer of the product.    The new shipment has both Hitachi and SENQCIA SBR Prime branded roller chain as production lines from the Hitachi factory in Japan progressively convert to the new brand.

The new packaging for Senqcia Chain is identical to the Hitachi with the same carton, same grease proof paper, same premium lubrication and most importantly the same chain from the same production line.   Only the Logo on the box has changed with the new brand offering existing Hitachi customers exactly the same features and benefits they have enjoyed for many years.

GB Power Transmission’s owner, Stephen Grattan shown inspecting the new stock that has just arrived in the warehouse was very pleased with the first shipment. “After continued growth in the Hitachi Roller Chain Sales over the last 3 years, our largest shipment of the newly branded Senqcia SBR Prime Roller chain has just arrived and has exceeded all my expectations.” he said.  “Change is not always easily accepted but once our customer’s see the new brand for themselves and compare it to the Hitachi they have known for so long they will quickly see it’s the same product. People who know the Hitachi roller chain product will know that nothing has changed bar the stamp on the outside of the carton”.



The name Senqcia comes from an adaptation of the Japanese word Senkusia which translates as Pioneer.  The word is changed with the inclusion of the letter Q to represent the ongoing commitment to quality the newly formed company and brand will have.   Over a long time the Hitachi brand name has represented quality in many products and many industries.  The quality is ongoing for the roller chain in the new brand Senqcia.  Same Factory, Same Engineers, Same Premium Quality and AWAYS MADE IN JAPAN

This product will continue to the imported into Australia exclusively by GB Power Transmission and distributed thought our committed distribution net work.  For more information on the change of brand name or details of the distributor closest to you please visit our web site 


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