Premium Quantity Dongbo Leaf Chain

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:1 February 2019 

GB Power Transmission is the exclusive Australian importer and distributor of Dongbo premium quality Leaf Chain.  The new range adds a competitive option for a quality equivalent to the premium brands. We now stock a full range of the popular BL series chains from BL5 to BL16 and also have a full range of the LL European all the way up to the LL40 chains at 2 1/2 inch pitch.   All Dongbo Leaf chain purchased from GB Power is batch serial numbered so it can be tracked back to the manufacturing process.  All chain batches manufactured are QA checked before shipment.  This ensures that the material quality, heat treatment, workmanship and chain tensile strength can be assured on all sets of Dongbo Leaf Chain ordered through GB Power Transmission.


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