Steel Taper Fit Bushes

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:11 September 2018 

Now in stock at GB from 1108 to 3020 are Steel Taper Fit bushes in popular Metric and Imperial Bore Sizes. Made from C45 steel for greater resistance to cracking in the larger bore sizes the new range will ensure a better connection in your drive train.  Often the lowest cost part in a mechanical power transmission installation, a failure of the Taper Fit bush can cause major damage to connected equipment and long down time in between repairs.   Standard Taper Fit bushes are made from cast iron and as the shaft sizes rise there is very little wall thickness at the keyway which is the cause for most taper lock bush failures.    Although more expensive in cost in comparison to the cast bushes, the new Steel C45 bushes available from GB ensure that the smallest part does not create the largest damage. GB now recommends using only the steel Taper Lock bushes especially in the larger bore capacities in the 1108, 1210, 1610, 2012, 2517 and 3020 Taper Fit bushes.   The bushes are available in standard imperial and Metric shaft sizes used in Australian industry.


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