Tyre Couplings from GB Power Tranmission

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:17 July 2015 

GB Power Transmission stocks a complete range of the popular Tyre couplings in standard close couple and spacer options.   The extreme elastic design of GB Tyre couplings are interchangeable with leading European and American brands. The flexible tyre possesses tremendous vibration and shock absorbing qualities and allows compensation for significant parallel and angular misalignment. GB Tyre couplings have shock and vibration dampening characteristics creating significant load reduction on machinery and bearings thereby reducing costs and prolonging life. When used in conjunction with a GB series Spacer a GB Tyre coupling easily accommodates standard 100, 140, and 180mm spacers. Taper Fit bushes, Spacer coupling, and a generous allowance for misalignment ensure GB Tyre Couplings are extremely easy to install.  GB stock the F40 through to the F180 on the shelf with larger models available ex factory.  This takes in a huge range of torque capacities from 24 to 16455 Nm.  The Tyre couplings complements GB’s the existing range of quality Coupling and will interchange with many Leading brands you have been using for years and provide equal or superior performance at a fraction of the cost. Our existing range of couplings also includes the Jaw, HRC, GE Curved Jaw, Cone Ring, RM Rigid and Chain Couplings which caters for a huge range of industry requirements.

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