FB Chain Gauge a Huge Success for Forklift Repairers in Australia

Author: Stephen Grattan  Date Posted:14 February 2019 

The FB chain Gauge is used around the world by service technicians to measure worn and elongated chain.  The gauge offers the technician a simple and accurate way to measure the ongoing serviceability of leaf and roller chain used in many applications including mast chains fork truck masts.  The check then becomes part of routine services for the future ensuring that worn possible dangerous lifting components are identified before they fail in the field.  Since our appointment as the Australian distributor GB Power has imported over 200 gauges for distribution to repairers in Australia and New Zealand.  Both large and small repair contractors and machinery distributors are trying the FB Chain Gauge to experience how easy it is to make sure the chain out in service is in reliable condition.

Praise has come from all who have tried the new gauge and that includes Fork Truck Specialists in Tasmania who first bought 2 gauges to trial in July. More were purchased in October as they made sure all technicians had a gauge to use in every service they conducted. Andrew Wilson from Fork Truck Specialist was so impressed with the FB Chain Gauge he offered to give a reference to any other companies or individuals on just how good it is, and how it has helped in meeting the company’s legislative requirements in identifying “unsafe” or “non conforming” chain.   “We have found the chain gauge tool to be simple to use leaving no chance of error.  Its offering an instant definite reading, not an estimate” Andrew told me and when I followed up with them to get some feedback. 

GB Power has also recently loaded the instruction video on the FB Chain Gage onto our website which also shows how simple and effective the gauge is.  Presented by the Managing Director of FB Chain in the UK it highlights what the gauge is able to do out in the field.  For further information please follow the link below to our web site to view the video or contact us direct at any time.



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